What Crank Do I Need? FAQ Spindle Diameter for 5DEV Cranks

What 5DEV Cranks Do I Need?

To determine proper Spacers for your Crank install Click HERE


5DEV Offers Standard Boost Cranks 68/73mm BB with 2 Spindle Sizes and SuperBoost+ Spindles for select crank lengths. 

1st. SRAM DUB 29mm (28.99mm) If you have SRAM Cranks on your bike, you need our 29mm spindle option.

2nd. 30mm Spindle for 30mm Bottom Brackets. 30mm is a standard bearing size and most aftermarket BB’s use this size. CaneCreek, Chris King, EuroBearing, Kogel etc. If you have an aftermarket BB. It’s probably 30mm. But you already knew that and aren’t reading this.

Shimano: If you have Shimano Cranks you have a 24mm BB from Shimano. You will need to determine if your BB is a Press Fit or a BSA Style (Threaded) Then you will need to replace your BB with either a SRAM DUB or an Aftermarket Brand with 30mm Bearings.

If you have SuperBoost+ the same applies. Determine if you have SRAM or 30mm BB. 

If you are still totally confused, ask your local shop. Or you can email us at info@5DEV.com or use this contact us form HERE.